Cancellation of your monthly or yearly

To cancel your subscription - Please log in and go to "My Account/ Membership", look for the "cancel subscription" button.  Voila!!! You will be free of us chickens. 

Unless you cancel your account, your subscription will continue for your convenience on auto renewal.  This is very clearly stated on the Free Trial sign up page:  "For your convenience, your trial membership will continue automatically after the 10th day. If you do not wish to continue you may cancel any time during your ten day free trial. In addition, for your convenience, all subscriptions will continue on a monthly basis unless you contact us to cancel or click on the cancel subscription button in your join/renew section. You can simply and easily cancel your renewal at any time."  See the diagram below for cancelling.

We are very lenient about our auto renewals.  We realize that sometimes billing slips through the cracks.  Our policy is a 30 refund guarantee but, often times, we will stretch this if the request is reasonable. 

If you can't do what you need, please email us at:

 and we will get right back to you with your fulfilled request.




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