Rubber Chicken Responsibilities

If our fine website is disrupted due to technical difficulties, we reserve the right to make remedy within a reasonable amount of time before we implement other considerations such as refund or added time to current member term. No web site is 100% free from technical mishap and there are so many variables.

We recommend checking any sent card that is time sensitive to make sure it was sent and not waylaid to provide opportunity to resend and not miss your desired event.  We are 99% on our sending so this is not really necessary, but just in case!

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    Peter Parsons

    I tried to send a card today, but it seemed that I was also going to send duplicates of others I've already sent. When I tried to figure out how to prevent the dupes, I was unable to do so, or ascertain whether the current card had been/sent/processed. I'm still confused and waiting. can you help me figger this out? I like the cards, and will continue my subscription, but want to be able to use it easily. VERY CONFUSED!!

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    Steven Rotblatt

    When you go to your my account area, you will send a tab that says Sent Cards.  Type in the name of the person you want to send to and you will see what you have already sent.  Then you can select other that you did not send.  Make sense?  Write us at

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