What is the Lifetime Membership - Discontinued

A Lifetime membership allows you to send all of our greeting cards lines  as of Jan, 2014, Rube Goldberg Cards and any other lines of cards that Rubber Chicken Cards may add in the years ahead. We highly value our Lifetime Membership folks. The price of a Lifetime membership is $99.00 for forever or the lifetime of Rubber Chicken Cards. We do not guarantee that Rubber Chicken Cards will go on for 1,000 years, but we certainly hope so, what with new livers made from plastic.

In order to create a Lifetime Membership the user must already be a yearly subscriber.  You can access the Lifetime Membership through a banner on the "My Account" page.

Yes, we have dicontinued this for now.  So if you are looking for it, it does not exist as an option.  So sorry.  And thanks for all of you who are Lifetime members!

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