Changing entries in your address book

To change a name or edit an email address please follow these ideas:  (First of all right now you cannot edit an existing name or address, you have to delete and then add a new entry.

1)  Go to your "My Account Page"

2)   Find the tab at the top that says "Address Book" and click on that

3)  Search for your friend's name and then delete that

4)  Add the new entry on the upper right.


See attached for a visual

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    Kitty Blair

    Your new website is terrible!!!!!! I click and nothing happens - why did you ever change it?

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    Susan M Kelly

    I hate your website ......... it is so hard to figure out.  I follow your directions to delete names, but no names come up....there is no address book, no delete.  I try to send   "1"  card, but I can' goes to everyone in my address book.  FIX THIS MESS PLEASE

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