It is the policy of Rubber Chicken Cards to offer refunds for 30 days after the charge and often longer if there is an appropriate issue, like illness.

We realize that auto renewal are sometimes confusing and some folks don't understand the policy when they sign up for a subscription, even though it is explained on the sign up page right next to the subscription form.

This is the wording on the Free Trial Sign Up page: "By clicking below you agree to the Terms of Sale and authorize us to renew your membership for you on a recurring membership basis with a charge to your chosen payment method. You can adjust your membership at any time on My Account page."

We are not in the business of forcing people to pay for something they do not want.

If you wish to have a refund, please write us at  Please do not call and give us your information... it is usually too difficult to write it down from the hearing.  Better to write us and we will take care of it.  It will probably take us a few days to complete and refund.

Please use any email address that points us to your account.  Sometimes folks have 2 accounts or more and we can't find you and give your refund in good faith.

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